October 1, 2022
Google Photos album limit increased

Google just Expanded Google Photos Album Limits to Support Up to 20,000 Images and Videos

The Google Photos album limit increased recently, doubling from 10,000 pictures and videos to 20,000 for private collections…

Google announced a new feature called Live Albums in October of this year. For those who don’t know, Live Albums are a way to share multiple images and videos with someone else and add more content as it’s captured. So, both users see the new content as it’s added to the albums.

Google Photos Album Limited Increased to 20,000 Pictures and Videos

When Live Albums debuted, it came with a storage limit of 20,000 pictures and videos. Conversely, private albums, supported just half that amount, or 10,000 photos and videos. Of course, some users pointed out the disparity, which in-turn, caused many others to ask for the same amount of storage.

Thankfully, Google has heard the pleas and has done just that. The search giant increased the private album limit to 20,000 to match that of Live Albums.

Google did so quietly and a user stumbled on the change. Android Police confirmed the change thereafter and now, it’s officially on the Google Photos support pages.

While 20K certainly sounds like a lot (perhaps a bit too much), it’s easy to collect hundreds of images over the course of just a few months, even thousands. Regardless, it’s a welcome change.

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