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‘Color Pop’ comes to Google Photos, along with Other New Tools

Google Photos color pop

A new feature, Google Photos color pop, is now making its way to the app, as well as a few other new user-friendly tools…

At Google I/O 2018, the company revealed a number of new smart AI editing tools would soon come to Google Photos. Now, it appears at least some of those announced features are beginning to roll out.

Google Photos Color Pop and Other New Features Roll Out

First posted by a Redditor running version 3.20, the app automatically transforms the background to black and white. This causes the subject to “pop,” making it more striking.

However, not all users are seeing the tool. Instead, some report a new AI assistant which suggests images to archive. It also identifies the subjects and suggests archiving screenshots, documents, receipts, business cards, and more.

Back in April, Google Photos released a more friendly but more powerful movie editor. The platform can now also more accurately identify dog and cat breeds. (In October of last year, Google Photos started making finding pet pictures easier.)

The Google Photos ‘color pop’ tool is making it way to users. Other new features should soon become available in the future.

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