September 10, 2021
Google Photos Colorize

Google Photos will Soon Roll Out a New Feature that Magically Converts Black and White Images to Color

It seems Google is about to bring its long-awaited Colorize technology to its Photos platform, according to a company executive…

Google first introduced its new Colorize feature for Google Photos during a teaser at I/O 2018. It generated a whole lot of buzz and with good reason. But, there’s really been nothing about it since that time. Now, an executive with the search giant says it’s on the way.

Google Photos Colorize coming Soon, according to a Company Executive

Google Photos Colorize technology relies on TensorFlow, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to transform black and white pictures into color.

The tech behind the magic determines the appropriate colors, applying them to black and white still shots.

For those interested in the inner workings, the transformation doesn’t happen on the device. Instead, users must snap a pic, upload it to Google Photos, then the process kicks-in thereafter.

Google most recently added automatic facial recognition correction to Photos early last month. Prior to that, it gained the ability to search for text within images.

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