January 12, 2022
Google Photos desktop Material Design

Google Remade its Photos Site to include Material Design Elements

The Google Photos desktop Material Design change is finally here, bringing over some very familiar changes to the platform…

Google updated its Photos mobile app back in September with the company’s new Material Design concept. Now, those same principles have come to the web for the desktop version. 

Google Photos Desktop Material Design UI Makeover Debuts

The new Google Photos desktop Material Design includes updated iconography, a simplified layout, and of course, a whole lot of white. With it, comes the standard Google sans font and high-contrast icons.

Overall, there’s really not too much different about the new look. It functions practically identically. But, the most notable changes are in the icons and font.

The “Create” and “Upload” links (found at the top of the page on the right side), are different.  Additionally, the new interface contains a rounded search bar in the top center and a hamburger menu in the upper left corner.

A very subtle but significant change are the geotags beside the dates. It shows locations where pictures were taken.

The left side column still contains the Photos, Albums, Assistant, Sharing, and Photo Books links. All icons of which, are updated with the Material Design elements. The desktop site still allows users to edit locations and dates and times.

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