September 20, 2022
Google Photos edit location

Google Photos Users can Now Edit Image Locations on the Web

A new Google Photos edit location option is now available on the web, letting users assign spots to images but it’s not supported through the mobile app…

Google Photos keeps getting better. The search company just transformed the website into a PWA or progressive web app. It also introduced a favorites option in the latter part of May. Plus, it debuted brightness fix suggestions and rolled out “color pop.” It even teased an object removal tool last year.

Google Photos Edit Location Feature Introduced for the Web

Now, there’s a new feature and it’s a small but very welcome change. Users can now edit locations in Google Photos for the first time on the web. Most of the time, devices automatically tag pictures with locations. However, these can easily be just coordinates and not an address or landmark. Some images are never even tagged with locations.

That’s changing, at least for the web. The option resides right inside the “I” circle icon, located at the top right of the user interface. While it does automatically tag the majority of images with a location, users can now edit them. If there is no location assigned, a “Where was this taken?” message appears.

It’s also possible to select more than one image to assign a location to multiple snaps. And, it works quite similarly to changing the date and time. (It’s important to note, the tool does not change the picture’s data. But, it does change Google’s data about the photo.)

Although, at this time, exported images with edited locations don’t carry the changes over. In other words, if the location is changed on the web, the app or other tool won’t reflect said change. Additionally, it’s only available on the web and isn’t supported in the Photos app.

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