November 8, 2022
Google Photos' facial recognition

Google Photos Now Allows Users to Correct its Automatic Facial Recognition

Google Photos’ facial recognition may not always deliver the desired results, so it’s now possible to manually make changes…

Google has made many improvements to Google Photos over the course of the platform’s history.

One useful feature is Google Photos’ facial recognition. It automatically identifies people and places them into collections. However, it might incorrectly identify one or more pictures. It took manual editing to fix  erroneous identifications. But, it never asked for an explanation.

Google Photos’ Facial Recognition Manual Correction Debuts

Now, Google Photos’ facial recognition includes options for explaining user changes. The new options include: 

  • Not a person. Useful for posters, book covers, and more.
  • Wrong person. Helpful for twins and siblings, principally.
  • Not the main subject. Useful when an identified person isn’t the focus.
  • Blurry or poor quality. When the identification is correct but the picture is bad.
  • Offensive. For a variety of reasons, including obvious ones.

Google most likely introduced these options to help better train its algorithms. It’s now live on the web but has not arrived on Android.

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