October 23, 2021
Google Photos Fathers Day movie

Google Photos is Now Serving Up Father’s Day Movies

The yearly fun Google Photos Father’s Day movie is here and ready to put together on the mobile app, as well as on the web…

Time is running out to get something unique for dad. Fortunately, one heartwarming gift is just a couple of taps or clicks away. Best of all, it’s free and it’s totally personalized. The Google Photos Father’s Day movie is now available through Assistant.

Google Photos Father’s Day Movie now Available

Google Photos is becoming an incredibly diverse tool. It’s more than just cloud storage for pictures and video. It’s editing chops get better all the time. Users can easily crop and improve images through the mobile app or on the web. Just the other day, the company introduced location editing, making it even more useful. At the beginning of the month, the internet platform was transformed into a PWA or progressive web app. Meaning, it acts like a native app, but without the need to download software and/or updates.

Back in May, it gained a favorites option, as well as brightness fix and archive suggestions. (Prior to that, it rolled out a new feature called “color pop.” The app can even help people identify different dog and cat breeds.

But, it is also a hub for different memories collections. For instance, the Smiles of 2017 video picture collage hit back in December. And now, the Google Photos Father’s Day movie is here to retrieve.

How to Get the Google Photos Father’s Day Movie

To get the Google Photos Father’s Day movie, simply open the mobile app on Android or on iOS, or sign-in on the web. Go to the Assistant tab. Look for the “Want a Father’s Day movie?” tab. Tap or click it. Then, select the dad and child or children. In a few moments, it renders a video photo collage. Viola!


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