July 30, 2021
Google Photos image object removal

Google Photos May Soon Let Users Remove Objects from Pics and Create Themed Movies

The latest APK teardown reveals a Google Photos image object removal option, along with a custom themed movie creator tool…

The latest version of Google Photos is currently rolling out. And, it contains a new light navigation bar for Pixel devices, along with text selection for Lens. An APK teardown of version 3.10 reveals some interesting features, according to 9to5Google.com.

Google Photos Image Object Removal and Themed Movie Creation Options Spotted in APK Teardown

For those unfamiliar, an APK teardown or Android Package Kit analysis, is simply a decompiling of the latest version. This uncovers different lines of code. Such teardowns usually reveal features not available in the latest stable release. So, it’s possible none will make it to the open market. But, it’s also possible one or more of these hidden options will find their way to the mobile app.

Google Photos Image Object Removal

Perhaps the most notable and interesting line of code is a Google Photos image object removal tool. CEO Sundar Pichai introduced this feature at Google I/O this year. The demonstration depicted a chain link fence being removed from a picture. That fence obscured the picture’s subject. Pichai stated the tool would come very soon. Now, it appears it just might work its way to stable release.

Google Photos Themed Movie Creation

The Google Photos Assistant already gives users the ability to select up to 50 images to create a movie. Users can also apply filters over frames, and even add a musical score. However, the APK teardown reveals a string of code which contains the line, “Create themed movie.” Furthermore, there’s also a string which appears users can create movies from a specific face or pet cluster. (Google added a pet grouping cluster to Photos in October.)

Two other features discovered in the teardown include enabling 4K capturing and a faster processing preference setting.

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