July 29, 2021
Google Photos manual face tagging

Google Photos Now Allows Users to Manually Tag Faces (That is, If its AI already Recognizes Them)

Google has brought a very useful feature back to Google Photos, years after taking it away, but it comes with a serious limitation…

Google Photos is very powerful, and it offers quite a bit of flexibility. But does have its limitations. For instance, it’s editing tools aren’t exactly Photoshop level functionality. Although, it does include the basics, which is usually enough for casual users.

Now, it’s recapturing one particular feature that Google brought over to Google Plus — manual face tagging. Google’s last successful social media experiment, Google Plus originally launched in 2011. Then, about four years later, in 2015, it gained the ability to manually tag faces. It’s only now, after the infamous Google Plus bust, the tech giant is bringing the tool back to Google Photos.

Google Photos Manual Face Tagging Starts Rolling Out

In a recent report, Android Police noticed the feature was back, but it comes with pretty big caveat — it’s AI must be able to identify a face. In other words, it doesn’t need to automatically recognize the person or pet, but it does need to detect a human or animal face in order to allow users to manually tag the person or pet.

If available, it’s accessible by tapping and swiping up on a photo, or going through the vertical three-dot menu shortcut. This triggers a pencil icon and by going into the “People” section it’s then possible to tag a face.

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