June 15, 2021
Google Photos manual tagging

Google Photos Product Lead Reveals New Tools, including Manual Tagging

Google will finally add manual tagging for unrecognized faces, along with bringing some other features to the platform…

Although Google Photos has quite a lot to offer its users, there are still some areas for improvement. The company knows it has deficiencies. So, product lead David Lieb asked people on Twitter what they’d most like to see.

Google Photos Manual Tagging Feature under Development

Lieb interacted with Twitter users in an hours-long conversation and among the most notable moments was when he confirmed the Google Photos team will add manual tagging. Meaning, the program will allow users to put names to faces Photos can’t match or doesn’t recognize.

Also, Google Photos users will soon have the ability to search for recently uploaded pictures and edit timestamps, both on mobile. (These two are currently restricted to the web.)

Android users will also have the power to delete specific images from albums, which is presently restricted to desktop and iOS.

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