November 2, 2022
Google Photos Memories

Google Copies Instagram Stories with its New ‘Memories’ for Google Photos

Google has released a new section inside Google Photos called “Memories,” which is different from its “Rediscover this Day”….

There’s already a number of apps and places that surface old posts, images, and videos. It’s the reason Facebook introduced its Memories section after Timehop became so popular. Now, Google has launched its own Memories area inside Google Photos.

Google Photos ‘Memories’ Private Archive Debuts

The Google Photos Memories section is already live, though not everyone will see it in-action right away. When available, a photo gallery will appear.

For those who do see it, there’ll be a familiarity because it looks a lot like Instagram Stories. 

Users won’t necessarily see every photo and/or video as memories. And, they won’t all be on the exact same day. Instead, Google uses algorithms to select what to surface.

Additionally, what the software picks out isn’t dependent on shared media. In other words, selected items may have not been shared publicly.

Plus, in the next few months, people will be able to share their photos and videos with family and friends.

Of course, Google will nudge users into creating photo books and has teamed up with CVS and Walmart to offer hard copies.

The new Google Photos Memories are rolling out to Android and iOS.

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