June 15, 2021
Google Photos Mothers Day movie

Make a Mother’s Day Movie with Google Photos in Minutes

Make a Google Photos Mothers Day movie in just a few minutes, on the web or through the mobile Android or iOS apps…

Google Photos offers a huge number of tools and features. Unfortunately, some are much more conspicuous than others. One neat trick the platform provides users are custom movies. Among them, a Mother’s Day movie.

Google Photos Mothers Day Movie How-To Guide

With time running out to get something unique, there’s still time to give mom a personalized gift. 

Google Photos is becoming an incredibly diverse tool. It’s more than just cloud storage for pictures and video. It’s editing chops get better all the time. Users can easily crop and improve images through the mobile app or on the web. Just the other day, the company introduced location editing, making it even more useful.

But, it is also a hub for different memories collections. For instance, the Smiles of 2017 video picture collage hit quite some time ago. And now, it’s time to make a Google Photos Mother’s Day movie.

How to Make a Google Photos Mother’s Day Movie

Simply go to photos.google.com on the web or open the mobile app. Then, do the following:

  • Click or tap on “Assistant.”
  • Select “Movie.”
  • Chose a mom and child or children.
  • Wait for a notification.

That’s it. Google Photos will put together a video picture collage of mom and the kids automatically.