October 25, 2021
Google Photos pet pictures

Google Photos Makes finding Pet Pictures Easier

Previously, the Google Photos pet pictures search meant using generic keywords like “dog” or “cat,” now, the app will group pets with people…

Starting today, Google Photos will place pets right alongside people. This makes it easier to find furry friends’ pictures from the past without shuffling through various images tagged as “dog” or “cat.”

Google Photos Pet Pictures Search Now Super Simple

Google states it’s releasing the update to most countries. And, those users will, “see photos of the cats and dogs now grouped alongside people, and you can label them by name, search to quickly find photos of them, or even better, photos of you and them,” Lily Kharevych, software engineer, writes.

Google Photos pet pictures in action
Credit: Google

Kharevych explains this change makes it easier to create photo albums, movies, or a photo book. Speaking of movies, Google is already making pawsome movies starring users’ pets. Users can also opt to make their own custom movies, complete with six different audio tracks.

Additionally, there’s a new search option. Search by bread with keywords or even by emoji to enjoy those doggone memories or relive moments of cattitude.

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