May 22, 2022
Google Photos Quietly Removes Option to Disable Video Backups over Mobile Data

Google No Longer Protects Photos Users from Burning through Mobile Data

Google Photos is no longer equipped to allow users to manually toggle off video backups over mobile data…

Google just made a very notable and worrisome change to its Photos service. Up until June of last year, Google gave people up to 15 GB of free storage space, split across three of its products: Gmail, Drive, and Photos. But halfway through 2021, the tech company changed its policy and no longer allowed for unlimited free storage of high-resolution images. Now, the company has made yet another change to its Photos platform that will most definitely impact end-users in a costly way.

Google Photos Quietly Removes Option to Disable Video Backups over Mobile Data

Google Photos have removed the option to turn off video backups over mobile data. The change first appeared in India and has spread to other countries. But, since there’s been no official word about the change, this could be an unintentional mistake. After all, it would seem a bit odd that the tech giant would take away the option without warning.

Previously, Google gave the public a heads up about its change in file storage. So, because this is along the same lines, making such an abrupt and unannounced change that could cost end users quite a bit of money wouldn’t follow prior practices. Until there’s official confirmation, it’s best to check the settings to ensure that videos and other media won’t burn through precious mobile data.

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