November 3, 2022
Google Photos Samsung motion photos support

Google Photos to Add Support for Samsung Motion Photos

Google is apparently rolling out support for Samsung’s motion photos inside the Google Photos app and on desktop, as well…

Samsung phones feature a great tool known as motion photos. Simple tap the shutter button. It will not only capture a still shot, but also  record a short video around that particular moment. This provides people with more context.

However, the company has its own proprietary of rendering motion photos. This makes it incompatible with Google Photos. At least, until now.

Google Photos Samsung Motion Photos Support Debuts

Some Galaxy S9 and S10 owners report motion photos are beginning to animate properly within Google Photos. These are showing up both on the Android app and the web.

With the implementation, it’s now possible to tap on the Motion button to view the clip or pause to see a static image.

Users seeing the tool in-action also say these aren’t immediately uploading to Google Photos. Rather, they show up later, possibly due to Google utilizing its own algorithms to provide the best results.

Others have tried to duplicate the experience, to no avail. This indicates a possible server-side switch. Or, merely a limited test to a select group of users.

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