November 4, 2022
Google Photos share menu

Google Photos is Testing a Redesign of its Share Menu which includes Carousels and More

The Google Photos share menu is undergoing some key changes, introducing a carousel and other features similar to Maps and News…

There’s little question share menu doesn’t exemplify speed or style. Google has already promised a “much faster” experience in a future version. Google Maps and News have already gotten the makeover treatment. Now, Google Photos appears to follow.

Google Photos Share Menu Revamp Tests Carousels and More

The new Google Photos share menu isn’t showing up for everyone. But, it does include some notable changes. There’s an input field to enter a name, a phone number, or an email address. Underneath resides a contacts carousel. 

Also below the input field are installed apps for sharing, such as social media platforms. It looks much like Maps and News but there are minor differences. Here’s a screenshot posted by 9to5Google:

Credit: 9to5Google

As with all tests, there’s no timeline for when the overhaul will roll out to everyone or if it will. Recently, Google expanded the photo album limit to 20,000 for images and video, up from 10,000. The company also eliminated free storage for videos on unsupported formats in December.

Currently, the new Google Photos share menu appears only on Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 XL devices.

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