June 22, 2022
Google Photos shared albums

Google Photos Doesn’t Allow Users to Remove Shared Album Recipients — Yet — but the Team is Working on It

There’s a missing function to Google Photos, the ability to remove recipients from shared albums, but it could be on the way…

The phrase “conspicuous by its absence” refers to something that gains near immediate attention due to the fact it isn’t present. But, there are occasions when something goes without notice for quite some time.

Such is the case with sharing albums in Google Photos. That is, after an album is shared, there’s no way to remove recipients.

Google Photos Shared Album Recipient Removal Option in the Works

The reason for this problem comes as a result of how Google Photos shares albums. Rather than tagging recipients, akin to Facebook, Google Photos creates a public link.

This means anyone can access the content. It also means there’s no way to remove recipients, like untagging someone on social media.

Users have complained about the missing function on the Photo’s community forums. And, support representatives have offered two “fixes.”

One is to block the recipient. But, this won’t work if said recipient goes into Incognito mode. The other is to stop sharing the entire album and then reshare it to generate a new link. Although, this doesn’t stop the recipient from viewing through the original link.

Fortunately, Google Photos Product Lead, David Lieb, took to Twitter to state the team will add the feature, tweeting “We’ll add it, thx for the question!”

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