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Google Photos Smiles of 2017 Video Photo Collage Rolls Out

Google Photos Smiles of 2017

The Google Photos Smiles of 2017 video photo collage is making its way to users, much like the familiar Facebook memories collections…

With the year coming to an end, there are a lot of memories to relive. About a week ago, the Google Photos Assistant Smiles of 2017 began to appear. It’s currently making its way to more users, though not everyone will see it. Basically, the photo collage is similar to the monthly and seasonal Facebook memories collections.

Google Photos Smiles of 2017 Video Picture Collection Starts Rolling Out

The Google Photos Smiles of 2017 video image collage spans approximately 40 to 60 seconds. And, as one might imagine, feature photos of smiling faces. Some users report already seeing the Assistant-based collection. While others are still waiting. 

Although its similar to the Facebook moments collections, it does differ. The Google Photos Smiles of 2017 video picture collage is set to music. But, just like the Facebook collections, this is automatically generated. So, that means there is no way to manually create the collage. If available, it renders in the Google Photos Assistant through the app and on the desktop site.

The feature actually appeared last year but this time around, it seems more users are privy to the collection. To see it (or just check the availability), go to the Google Photos app or open the desktop site.

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