July 22, 2021
Google Photos text search

Google Photos Users can Now Search for Text — Even Words within Images

Google has introduced a new, helpful feature to Google Photos, which allows people to search for text and even copy-and-paste…

Leave it the to world’s most popular search engine to come up with a new way to search. Only this time, it’s for finding images. That is, images with text.

Google Photos Text-In Image Search Debuts

Google is rolling out text search for pictures in Google Photos. So, it’s possible to find specific snaps. However, it has its limitations. For instance, it seems to only function on ordinary photos, like a picture of a sign or book page.

But, it’s got the power to use Google Lens and people can even copy-and-paste. Having access to Google Lens means things in foreign languages can be translated

Google has already done quite a bit to make Google Photos highly functional, rather than just a disorganized collection of random pics. For instance, it began grouping and identifying pets back in October of 2017.

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