November 8, 2022
Google Photos Video Audio Removal Feature Under Development

Google is Working On a Feature that Allows People to Remove Audio from Video in Google Photos

Google is currently developing a tool that removes audio from video files in Google Photos, with just a single tap to edit content…

Although Google Photos isn’t nearly as powerful as some image and video software, it still boasts a few helpful editing tools. For instance, it’s auto correct feature usually cleans up pictures quickly and generally with impressive results. There’s also a neat collage creation option. But, it has its limitations. Now, Google is apparently adding a new editing tool to the platform.

Google Photos Video Audio Removal Feature Under Development

According to software sleuth Jane Manchun Wong, Google is developing an audio removal feature for video in Google Photos. Right now, it’s possible to rotate video, trim content at the beginning and end, as well as the ability to export individual frames. But perhaps soon, it will also be possible to remove audio from video files.

With the power to pull audio out of video, Google Photos gives its users another way to share content without extraneous sound. So, it would be a great way to share video that originally contained background noise or low-quality audio and now plays without sound.

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