August 6, 2022
Google Pixel Call Screen Now Saves Audio from Calls

Google Pixel Phones can Now Capture Audio from the Call Screen Feature

Google Pixel phones can now save audio from calls, allowing device owners to replay and review incoming conversations…

One of the most powerful and impressive features that debuted on Pixel phones is its AI-powered Call Screen. For those unfamiliar, this is a technology which screens incoming calls and allows recipients to take certain actions.

Google Pixel Call Screen Now Saves Audio from Calls

The Google Pixel Call screen now does more. It can intercept and screen suspicious numbers automatically, but can also save audio from said calls.

The new tool is tucked away in the Settings of the Google phone app. To see if it’s available, just open the Google phone app and go to Settings > Spam and Call Screen. Then, choose “Automatically screen. Decline robocalls.” When enabled, audio recordings will appear inside the dialer app, within the call log.

Right now, it seems the tool is only compatible with the Pixel 4 phone. Google might expand it to other, previous models sometime in the future.

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