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Google Begins Preview of its New ‘Hold for You’ Phone Feature on Pixel Devices

Google Pixel 'Hold For Me' Preview goes Live

Google Pixel owners can now enjoy letting their smartphones wait on hold for them, with a new preview of Google Assistant’s Hold for Me…

Sometimes, a phone call is the only practical way to resolve an issue, learn key details, or get something else important done. Unfortunately, consumers have become all-too-familiar with the dreaded hold time. Those precious and frustrating minutes that tick away without accomplishing a single thing. Now, Google has come up with a way to deal with those otherwise idle, down-times, and unsurprisingly, it involves Google Assistant.

Google Pixel ‘Hold For Me’ Preview goes Live

Back in October, Google revealed it had developed a new feature for Android called “Hold for Me.” And, it precisely lives up to its namesake. When calling a doctor’s office, customer support, or any other large organization, Google Assistant monitors the call while on hold. So, people don’t have to listen to elevator music drone on or those repeat messages. When a human picks up the line, it triggers a sound, vibration, and screen notification.

Now, Google’s Hold for Me feature is live in a preview release on Pixel phones. And, it does precisely what it is built to do. Google Assistant detects when a call goes on hold and offers the option to hold while the caller goes about other things. This, opposed to having to wait for a person to pick up.

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