August 4, 2022
Google Pixel automatic robocall screen

Google Pixel Phones might Automatically Screen Out Robocalls in the Near Future

The very handy Google Pixel phone Call Screen feature is undergoing some key improvements to make it a lot more automated…

Google Pixel phones currently come equipped with a built-in Call Screen feature. It functions almost precisely for its namesake but does require a good amount of manual action from the device owner.

When a call comes in, from a suspect number, such as a possible scam or even telemarketer, a Pixel phone will automatically display three options: Answer, Decline, and screen call. Obviously, selecting the ladder triggers the tool and Google Assistant answers the incoming call. It then displays a transcript of what’s being said to the caller.

If the caller does not terminate the call, the device owner is given some options. Among them, are different responses, such as, “Tell me more,” “Is it urgent?,” “Call me back,” and more.

Of course, this means this ostensibly automatic feature requires a good portion of user interaction. But, Google appears to be working on and improved version of the tool.

Google Pixel Phone Automatic Robocall Screen Code Spotted

Spotted by XDA Developers, in a recent examination of the code of the most recent build, a new set of strings reveals a much more automated experience. Basically, it allows device owners to set preferences for various types of calls, including: Spam, Possibly faked numbers, First-time callers, and Private or hidden.

People have already been able to manually toggle the new feature on through the Pixel 42 download beta package. But, it’s not yet ready for stable release and it’s unknown if or when Google will officially reveal it.

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