August 9, 2022
Google Pixel Phone Bug Causing Weather Shortcut to Disappear

There’s a Strange, Intermittent Bug Causing the Weather Shortcut on Pixel Phones to Suddenly Disappear

Some Pixel phone owners are reporting on social media and forums that the weather shortcut on their home screen has gone missing…

One of the handiest things about Google’s Pixel phones is the ability to retrieve key bits of information with ease. For instance, squeezing the device near the bottom triggers Google Assistant without having to speak a hot phrase. Or, tapping on the date on the home screen immediately launches the calendar.

Another is the weather icon, which displays the current temperature and a coordinating animation for outside conditions. Tapping on it launches a dedicated section that breaks down into three parts: current conditions, tomorrow’s forecast, and a 10-day outlook.

Google Pixel Phone Bug Causing Weather Shortcut to Disappear

Strangely though, some Pixel phone owners have noticed that the dedicated weather shortcut is gone from their devices without warning. Unless they’ve installed a shortcut to their home screen before, there’s no way to access this section once the hyperlink is gone. While it’s still possible to ask Assistant for current conditions and extended forecast, that brings up an entirely different interface.

Affected device owners are speculating the root cause. Some believe it’s merely a bug, while others think it might be a test. However, anecdotal evidence suggests it is the former rather than the latter, because the shortcut does reappear, sometimes after restarting the device.

Although Google routinely runs what are seemingly impromptu tests, the mere fact that the shortcut appears as it would normally, disappears, and then reappears, strongly suggests this is nearly a weird glitch.

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