June 21, 2022
Google Pixel phone voice recorder app

Google is Bringing its Pixel Phone Voice Recorder App to All Device Models

The Google Pixel phone voice recorder app, which debuted on the model 4, will come to older model devices, the company has announced…

Pixel phones have introduced a few stunning features over the years. Among the most interesting is the voice Recorded app, unveiled along with the Pixel 4 phone. It has the ability to capture and transcribe audio instantaneously and simultaneously. Now, it’s been revealed the tech will be opened to all Pixel devices.

Google Pixel Phone Voice Recorder App coming to All Models

The Google Pixel Phone voice Recorder app, won’t be exclusive to the newest flagship for long. (Although no date has been given yet.) 

However, this too, isn’t exactly out-of-the-ordinary. Google has a history of debuting features on its flagships only to make them more widely available on different platforms.

What makes this app extraordinary is it’s ability to capture and transcribe speech in almost perfect real-time, with very few errors (and does so, right on the device, without needing access to the cloud). It’s not mistake-free but close enough to impress anyone who’s used other voice input transcription recorders.

Google wrote on a Reddit thread:

“Thanks for expressing interest in the Recorder app. We plan to roll it out to older Pixel devices in a future software update.”

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