June 19, 2021
Google Pixel Slate Tablet Owners Reporting Severe Memory Failures

Pixel Slate Tablet Owners Say They’re Experiencing Minor Errors that Balloon into Serious Memory Failures

Pixel Slate tablet owners are reporting suffering from a number of minor problems that worsen over time to include huge memory issues…

When the Pixel Slate tablet first debuted, in early October of 2018, it presented some of the best looking hardware. But, the software package was widely criticized. Less than a year later, in June of 2019, Google announced it would no longer develop the product line. The tech giant also cancelled the two models it was working on at the time. Now, a small group of owners are reporting some disturbing issues.

Google Pixel Slate Tablet Owners Reporting Severe Memory Failures

Pixel Slate tablet owners are taking to Google’s support forum to complain about a number of problems. It appears they’re experiencing some minor errors, such as icons turning grey and apps crashing. However, the issues don’t stop there. Instead, they devolve into more serve issues, like failing to write to disks. Plus, preventing launching apps or even downloading files. Meanwhile, rebooting, resetting, factory resets, and power washing only temporarily fix the problems.

At this time, it’s not clear if Google is working on solutions, but the company is probably aware of the problems. That’s unsettling, given the base model sold for $599, but to get the best specs and the all-important keyboard folio brought the price up to nearly $1000.

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