May 26, 2022
Google Plans to Run Ads on YouTube Shorts after Failing to Meet Revenue Expectations

Believe it Or Not, Google has Found Yet Another Place to Run Ads on YouTube

Google will insert ads into YouTube Shorts after missing its earnings mark, despite the fact usage of the platform is up 4x over last year…

Just when it seemed like Google had completely run out of space to run ads on YouTube, the search giant has found yet another product to exploit. Ads already appear in a plethora of places in various formats. Pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, post-roll ads, ad-supported, free movies, and more appear regularly. But, this isn’t enough for Google. At least, because the company failed to meet revenue expectations.

Google Plans to Run Ads on YouTube Shorts after Failing to Meet Revenue Expectations

The video hosting platform launched its own TikTok competitor in September of 2020. It offers 15-second videos on mobile phones. Then, it expanded to the United States seven months later in March of 2021. YouTube Shorts now averages over 30 billion daily views — which represents four times as much as it did last year. However, this wasn’t enough to meet revenue forecasts for the YouTube platform as a whole.

YouTube missed expectations by approximately $610,000,000, posting $6.87 billion in sales, instead of the predicted $7.48 billion investors expected. Additionally, the parent company Alphabet fell short of its targets, reporting $68.01 billion, but this figure is still an 8% increase over the first quarter of last year. So, Google is developing a plan to slap ads on YouTube Shorts, which will likely appear in the form of app-install ads and other promotions at first.

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