April 8, 2021
Google Play Movies and TV Rotten Tomatoes scores

Viewers can Now Check Out Rotten Tomatoes Scores inside the Google Play Movies & TV App

Google Play Movies and TV Rotten Tomatoes scores come with version 4.2, along with new bottom bar and elevated watchlist…

Version 4.2 of the Google Play Movies & TV app is now available. And, with it, viewers can now easily see Rotten Tomatoes scores. The mobile app now also boosts a bottom bar, a feature well overdue.

Google Play Movies and TV App Now Displays Rotten Tomatoes Scores with Redesign

Play Movies is just the latest to add the bottom bar function. It contains three tabs for quick access to navigation destinations such as Home, Library, and Watchlist. (The previous version did include the former two icons but the latest now has the later Watchlist shortcut.) With Watchlist in a more conspicuous, prominent position, users can more readily access their lists of saved movies and television shows.

Another neat offering is nicely integrated Rotten Tomatoes scores, which appear right alongside titles. But, it’s only the scores and not full reviews or summaries. Although, this is a welcome addition as it helps users more easily decide on otherwise impulse purchases.

Version 4.2 of Google Play Movies & TV is now available for download in the store for Android.