November 6, 2022
Google Play Movies and TV UI updates

Subtle UI Changes in the Works for the Google Play Movies and TV Mobile App, including Watchlist Price Comparisons

The latest Google Play Movies and TV UI updates are small, with many tiny tweaks to the look but one stands out, Watchlist price comparisons…

Although many Google services have undergone substantial changes with Material Design updates, others have changed little because of incremental updates. One such example is Google Play Movies & TV.

Google Play Movies and TV UI Updates Spotted

The most obvious change is the new splash screen, which loads when users open the app. It’s now animated and definitely catches the eye. However, other changes are more subtle and revolve around little visual tweaks. 

Google Play Movies and TV UI before and after
Credit: Android Police / Google

Even though the majority of changes are cosmetic in nature, some do slightly impact functionality. For instance, floating buttons are gone and replaced by a full slide-up menu. 

Flipping through the next version, 4.9, reveals changes to the color adjustments. The app also gives users more options to find content for free.

Perhaps the most interesting update is the Watchlist price comparison. It should alert users when a movie or TV episode goes on sale, showing both the original price, along with the sale price:

<string name="watchlist_price_label_with_strike_content_description">Was %1$s now %2$s</string>
<string name="watchlist_price_label_with_strike">&lt;s&gt;%1$s&lt;/s&gt; %2$s</string>

Of course, all of these changes are based on a teardown of the beta version. Meaning, there’s no guarantee all will make it to the final, stable release.

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