January 12, 2022
Google Play Movies and TV subtitles bug

Seeing Dialogue Captions on Google Play Movies & TV and Haven’t Turned it On? It’s not an Isolated Incident

A bug in the Google Play Movies & TV mobile and Android TV versions are showing viewers closed captions without the option being enabled…

Subtitles are great for certain situations. For instance, when room noise is just too loud or there’s too much going on in a scene to make out the dialogue. But, when captions aren’t needed, they take away from the experience.

Google Play Movies & TV Subtitles Bug Forces Unwanted Captions

A bug, which has recently infected the mobile and Android TV versions of Google Play Movies and TV is forcing subtitles to appear.

Google has sent out a boilerplate reply to the complaints, explaining:

“The reason you were unable to remove subtitles from the movie and states there is no option to turn off the Close Captions. This is especially common during movies where characters speak in a different ‘fake’ language such as The Hobbit & District 9 or Alien movie.”

However, users say even when captions are disabled, they resume scrolling across the screen after exiting and/or resuming playback.