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Google Play Music Reaches 5 Billion Installs but Google is Still Expected to Shut it Down in Favor of YouTube Music

Google Play Music reaches 5 billion installs

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Google Play Music now boasts 5 billion downloads from the Play Store, but Google still plans to replace it with YouTube Music…

It’s pretty well known Google Play Music will come to an end sometime in the future. Google will replace it with YouTube Music (which it’s been favoring for more than a year).

However, Google Play Music has enjoyed quite a bit of success over the years and it’s going into the nether with more than 5 billion installations.

Google Play Music Hits 5 Billion Downloads in the Google Play Store

Google Play Music is the sixth mobile app to reach five billion downloads. (YouTube, Maps, Search, Gmail, and Chrome were the first.) 

Of course, all of these come pre-installed on Android devices, which really helps to maximize their numbers. Although, YouTube Music is now the default app on Android 10. So, Google Play Music will see it’s installation count stop at some point in the future.

Google is slowly but steadily adding more features to YouTube Music but Google Play Music users remain loyal. They can continue to enjoy it for a little while longer. It’s just not known when it will come to an end.

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