July 25, 2021
google play music sleep timer

Google just Tweaked a Small Setting in the Play Music App

The Google Play Music sleep timer is a small but helpful tool, and now, it is much easier to use, with the latest update of the Android app…

Google Play Music might sunset in 2019. But, until it does, there are still minor updates hitting the app. With version 8.12 for Android, the sleep timer received a little attention. In the past several months, updates have been sparse but the latest is a welcome addition.

Google Play Music Sleep Timer Tweak Spotted in Version 8.12

Many users don’t even know there’s a sleep timer buried within the app. Nevertheless, it does exist in the settings menu. Now, it sports a better interface, complete with that familiar analog clock. Instead of having to use it exclusively, users can now opt to enter a shut off time with quick input field.  

However, it’s important to note, the old interface remains on by default. And, there is no way to change that, at least at this time. Google Play Music version 8.12 first arrived inside the second Android P developer preview but it’s now rolling out to all users. Simply go to the Play Store to update to it.

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