July 30, 2021
Google Play Music transfer option to YouTube Music starts showing up

The Transfer Tool for Google Play Music to YouTube Music is Beginning to Go Live for Some Users

Google Play Music will disappear sometime later this year and be replaced by YouTube Music, and its transfer tool is now starting to become available…

It’s no secret that Google will shutter Play Music in the coming months. And, it’s replacement, YouTube Music, is being prepped to handle the transition. In the meantime, users will have to move their libraries and more over. But, the transfer tool isn’t yet widely available. Although, it is starting to work for a small group of listeners.

Google Play Music Transfer Option to YouTube Music Starts Showing Up

Google has a simple desktop webpage that supports the transfer — that is, if it’s available for those accounts. (If not, there’s a big bold message that reads “Transfer your Google Play Music account soon. We’ll notify you when it’s your turn to transfer your Google Play Music account. Thanks for your patience!”)

Despite the fact that Google Play Music has more than 5 billion users, it’s still slated to go away sometime this year. And, YouTube Music is now the default app on Android 10. However, YouTube Music isn’t exactly ready just yet. Although, Google is busy working on bringing it up to par with the legacy experience. 

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