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Google Brings its Play Points Loyalty Program to the Web for Desktop (but Not Everyone can Access it Yet)

Google Play Points loyalty program starts coming to the web

Credit: Google

Google first introduced its Play Points loyalty program back in September 2018 for mobile, but now, it’s making its way to the web…

Two years ago, we first learned about a new loyalty program for Google Play. It debuted in Japan and later expanded to other markets, including the United States.

Those who join earn points for every Google Play Store purchase and can redeem said points towards future purchases. However, it’s been restricted to the mobile app, until now.

Google Play Points Loyalty Program Starts Coming to the Web

The Google Play Points loyalty program is apparently making its way onto the world wide web, accessible via desktop, for the first time.

Although the Google Play Points program opened in the US last year, it was only available on mobile. Until now, people could buy apps, games, television series and shows, movies, and music, on desktop, but could not check their Play Points balance on the web. Instead, program members had to go to the Play mobile app.

Now, it’s a menu option, residing in the left sidebar, under Account and Payment Methods. It not only displays members’ balances, but also details its four levels benefits, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Here’s a screenshot that shows the new Points section on the Google Play Store desktop website:

Credit: Google
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