September 9, 2021
Google Play Store anti-spam review removal system

Google’s Play Store uses Machine Learning to Delete Millions of Spam Reviews each Week

The Google Play Store anti-spam review removal system detects and takes down millions of fakes every week, the search engine reveals…

Like many big time digital properties, the Google Play Store wrestles with policing content on its platform. One such example is spam. It’s pervasive on the Play Store as companies pay for fake reviews and other behaviors contribute to the problem.

Google Play Store Anti-Spam Review Removal System Deletes Millions of Fakes per Week

In a recent blog post, Google explains how its new anti-spam system works. Over the course of a single week, the tools found and deleted millions of fakes. 

It’s powered by machine learning to differentiate between honest, organic reviews from spam. Additionally, the system can identify suspicious increases and/or changes in app reviews.

The company primarily looks for bad content, fake ratings, and incentives to post positive reviews, all of which are against its guidelines.

Google writes in the post:

“Google Play ratings and reviews are extremely important in helping users decide which apps to install. Unfortunately, fake and misleading reviews can undermine users’ trust in those ratings. User trust is a top priority for us at Google Play, and we are continuously working to make sure that the ratings and reviews shown in our store are not being manipulated.”

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