December 9, 2021
Google Play Store App Bundle Requirement Goes into Effect this Summer

Google is About to Make New Apps Support Bundles in the Google Play Store (but Consumers shouldn’t Notice a Difference)

Google is about to make its Play Store app bundle rule a requirement for all new submissions, but users won’t notice anything different…

Google first introduced app bundles a few years ago in the Play Store. At the time, its biggest purpose was to partition off the functionalities of apps. So, when consumers downloaded the apps supporting bundles, they only installed what was needed. By doing so, this substantially reduced download sizes and took up less space on mobile devices. Previously an option to developers, it’s now becoming a requirement.

Google Play Store App Bundle Requirement Goes into Effect this Summer

When app bundles initially rolled out, developers could participate at their will. But, apparently Google has seen enough to make bundles a rule. Going forward, this will apply to new programs to gain entry the Play Store, starting this summer, sometime in the second quarter. Google states the deadline will occur in August, although the search giant hasn’t released a specific date.

While this is certainly important news for application developers, consumers won’t even notice the change, because it applies only to backend technology, and doesn’t effect how apps work. The only thing people might enjoy are faster downloads and less storage space demand.

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