November 2, 2022
Google Play Store autoplay videos

Grrr, Google will Start Auto-Playing Videos on the Google Play Store this Month

Google quietly slipped a change into its practices via a support page, which now states the Play Store will autoplay videos, beginning this month…

Among the most annoying elements of the web are autoplay videos. But, that hasn’t stopped services like Facebook, Instagram, and others from using them. Now, Google will join the list, by autoplaying video on the Google Play Store starting this month.

Google Play Store Auto-Play Videos Begin this Month

The news was first spottd by¬†XDA, which discovered the change. Unfortunately, there’s not many more details. For instance, the company doesn’t stipulate whether or not if users can disable the function. Or, at the very least, if the videos will autoplay without sound — something Facebook has done.

A support page states the following:

“Developers with a video in their store listing must disable ads by November 1, 2019 to keep the video eligible to be shown on Google Play. This is because, beginning September 2019, Google Play will start autoplaying store listing videos to help more users discover your content at a glance. If those videos are monetized (that is, enabled for monetization on YouTube or containing copyrighted content with monetization claims), they may show ads, which can be confusing for users.”

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