April 28, 2021
Google Play Store Fleeceware Apps Remain a Real Problem

Google Continues to Struggle with Controlling the Presence of Fleeceware Apps on its Play Store

Google has a persistent issue with nefarious Android apps that outrageously overcharge for basic functionalities, most of which are otherwise free…

Although Google touts a very proud record of keeping its app store free of malware — for the most part — it’s still fighting an ongoing battle with another kind of problem.

And, these particular types of mobile applications are out to take as much as they can from naive users. That is, money for very basic functions that consumers can easily find at no charge whatsoever.

Google Play Store Fleeceware Apps Remain a Real Problem

Security firm Sophos has previously reported about its discovery of a number of fleeceware on the Google Play Store. (In fact, over 600 million people were possibly victimized by twenty-five fleeceware apps in the Play Store earlier this year.)

Now, even more have been found on the Google Play Store, including one called “Palm Secret,” which claims to read users’ futures by scanning their hands. It charges $100 per year and those tricked into downloading it report it doesn’t even work, crashing every time it is opened.

There are other fleeceware apps, as well. Usually, these have a free trial but then charge an outlandish amount for the most basic functions. These include simplistic things like weather, calculators, QR/barcode scanners, and more.

fleeceware app on Google Play Store
Credit: Android Police

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