November 2, 2022
Google Play Store incognito mode

Google will Give the Play Store an Incognito Mode and Step-Up Device Security

Google will make Incognito Mode available on the Google Play Store but will also remind users about potential hazards, according to a recent report…

Even though malware is a seemingly constant problem for the Play Store, that isn’t stopping Google from introducing an incognito mode to it.

Google Play Store Incognito Mode Coming, along with Improved Device Security

Google will reportedly add an incognito option to the Play Store, according to XDA Developers.

Of course, offering private browsing comes with more than a few problems, including being more vulnerable to security threats, such as malware. Also, being opened-up to annoyances like adware.

To help users keep their devices safe and secure, Google will amply warn users of untrusted sources and applications.

Google hasn’t yet publicly stated when it will introduce the changes but they’re probably not far off.

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