October 20, 2021
Google Play Store Play Points

Google is Now Working on a Loyalty Program for the Play Store

A new Google Play Store Play Points loyalty program is a work in-progress, according to a recent look inside the code of the mobile app…

The latest trend among app stores is to offer users beta access to test out mobile apps and games. This allows developers to more easily find bugs and quirks to refine performance. Now, Google is working on a new program to give users more incentive, according to findings in an APK teardown over at 9to5Google

Google Play Store Play Points Program Uncovered

The peek into the code reveals strings titled “Introducing Google Play Points.” It first appeared in version 11.5 and then again showed up in version 11.6. Apparently, it will encourage users to sign up to earn points by purchasing music, movies, TV shows, and books. (Google might even introduce levels, to entice users to earn more points.) And, users can use said points toward future purchases. However, it seems their balances will expire after a given time period.

Another interesting bit of code reveals Google might additionally introduce a voting option. It might help users rank apps based on their experiences. In preparation for these new features, the Play Store account page will change. A redesign will introduce a new Rewards section in the app. Here’s a screenshot:

Credit: 9to5Google / Google

At present, this is only ostensible. Google may or may not move forward with the new program. But, it is an interesting look to see how the company can find mutual benefits between itself and individual users.

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