April 29, 2021
Google Play Store ratings and reviews redesign

Google just Made Sorting Play Store Ratings a Bit Easier with its Recent Revamp

The latest Google Play Store ratings and reviews redesign makes sorting more simple for people to filter by users’ star ratings…

Google began applying its Material Design elements to the Play Store back in May. It’s rolled out to mixed reaction from users. Some like its new layout while others think it just lacks differentiation between sections. Although, one change in particular is a welcome one to nearly everyone — new ratings and review filters.

Google Play Store Ratings and Reviews Redesign Now includes New Filters

Even though it’s not as colorful as the previous version, it is more sleek and clean, with less clutter. For comparison, here’s how the Google Play Store ratings and review section looked before:

Google Play Store old
Credit: Android Police / Google

Now, the Google Play Store ratings and review section looks like this:

Google Play Store new
Credit: Android Police / Google

The various options make it easier to sort by star rating and to glean more information in user reviews. The Google Play Store now provides better access to pertinent points, rather than piling all on one another.

However, not everyone will see the changes right away. It appears the new design is rolling out via a server-side update. Meaning, it will take some time for it to show up for everybody.

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