January 12, 2022
Google Play Store new redesign

Check Out the Google Play Store’s Bold New Look

The newest Google Play Store redesign sports plenty of white space, with larger font, and a bolder overall look and less clutter…

Initially released back in October 2008 as “Android Market,” Google Play has slowly evolved. Now, we’re beginning to see the latest iteration in the beta version. 

Google Play Store Redesign Rolling Out more Widely

About a month ago, some users reported seeing a new visual style. It took away much of the green, replacing it with white space or gray. Now, more users report seeing modest changes to the last changes. And, it appears the white splash is here to stay (at least in the current beta version). Here’s two comparison screenshots, courtesy of Android Police:

Google Play Store redesign
Credit: Android Police

As pictured above, it’s easy to see there are several changes from the old layout to the new one. The top menu area now features a back arrow to return to Google Play, with a search and overflow menu to the right. The category and rank now reside right under the brand name, with more prominent Uninstall and Open buttons. Gone are the download and review badges. The “Similar” option is no longer present.

However, various screenshots submitted by users show slightly different changes. So, it’s unknown how the final product will look.

Google Play launched in March 2012, combining Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBookstore into one platform. The latest version is now available in the beta channel. Google will expectedly refine the app before the wide, stable release.