September 11, 2021
Google Play Store unused app removal suggestions

The Google Play Store begins Suggesting Users should Remove Unused Apps

The Google Play Store is starting to recommend people uninstall unused apps to free up space, in an apparent test run…

It’s easy to forget just how many apps are on a phone and/or tablet. Some people install apps for impromptu benefits or other short-term uses. As time goes by, the number rises and rises, taking up precious storage space and running resources.

Google Play Store Unused App Removal Suggestions

Now, the Google Play Store is beginning to suggest apps to delete. After all, unused apps occupy otherwise needed space and steal away necessary resources, including siphoning off battery life, little by little.

Google knows this and is now recommending apps to uninstall. Some users report seeing notifications, urging them to get rid of unused apps.

Tapping on the notification sends users over to the Notification section in the Play Store. Once redirected, people can see a list of apps not recently used. Uninstalling apps shows how much free space was recouped for each.

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