December 4, 2021
Google Play Store video ads

Google is About to Test Video Ads in the Play Store

Google Play Store video ads are on the test slate and there’s really nothing anyone can do about this upcoming nuisance…

Google Play Store video ads will soon become a reality. At least, for a scheduled test phase. Imagine tapping on an Android device to launch the digital platform only to rudely be interrupted with an ad. Fortunately from the provided images, it doesn’t appear the ads will auto-play. 

Google Play Store Video Ads Test Coming Soon

It’s noteworthy the Apple Store does allow promoted listings. But, this is definitely different. Videos are widely known to catch attention but they are definitely regarded as an unwanted nuisance most of the time.

Although, videos are a better way to capture the attention of consumers browsing for certain types of apps. (Particularly if there isn’t a certain one already in-mind.) So, there’s little wonder why Big G would look into the option’s feasibility by running a beta test.

Additionally, Google is experimenting with playable and multi-option video advertisements. Users can opt to play an ad if it is part of the game. This is typically done for the sake of player incentives, like additional lives or in-app rewards. The good news is, users aren’t forced to play ads in order to start or continue play.

Google and Facebook are always on the lookout for ways to deliver more ads. But, doing so must strike a balance or it’s counterproductive.

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