April 30, 2021
Google Play streaming app carousel

Fire Up Google Play to find a Streaming App to Watch Movies, TV Show Favorites

A seemingly new Google Play streaming app carousel now gives its users quick access to their favorite TV shows and movies…

It appears Google snuck a handy new feature into its mobile app portal. Just open it up to find which apps stream movie and TV show favorites on an Android device. People can now go to the Google Play app and quickly find the apps which stream content available to buy or rent.

Google Play Streaming App Carousel Appears

The new Google Play streaming app carousel is particularly nifty because it allows users to find where to watch something when they want. It appears to work with services such as Hulu, HBO Now and HBO Go, CBS, Showtime, as well as Fox Now. However, it doesn’t scan the Netflix library and it’s mostly helpful to only people in the United States, as some of these services aren’t available outside the country.

Of course, the catch is not all sought content is free. While some might stream free on ad-supported services, other TV shows and movies are available for rent or purchase. Although, it’s very handy to find something right away without needing to hunt around different apps to watch it on-demand.

Currently, it’s unknown which versions of Google Play surface the new streaming app carousel. But, it’s appearing on Android devices at this time.

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