August 4, 2022
Google Plus beta testers

Google Plus Beta Testers Sought for Improvements

Google Plus beta testers are encouraged to sign up to help with improving the search giant’s ailing social media platform; and, there’s a few requirements…

Google+ is actively seeking beta testers for its struggling social network. Participants will try new features before other users. However, not everyone may join. The social site requires applicants be regular, active users, must routinely provide feedback, as well as suggestions. Although there’s no apparent limit on region or specific language.

Google Plus Beta Testers needed to Better User Experience

Google continues to update its social platform regularly, even though it’s not a real contender against its rivals. In January, Google+ Events returned to the network and the social venue added a low-quality comments filter. However, the company has significantly reduced its speed of updates and likewise hasn’t added many new features.

In the latest figures available, Google Plus’ estimated monthly active users comes in at 300 million. However, Eric Enge stated in spring of 2015, 90.1 percent of profiles have never posted any content, status updates or anything at all.

The official Google Plus beta tester application form has only nine questions. Applicants are asked for their email address, Google+ profile link, language, primary use (desktop or mobile), how the applicant learned of the beta testing program, why they want to join, how long they’ve used the network, which features they use most and their primary reason for using Google Plus.

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