December 4, 2021
Google Plus Class Action Suit Payouts Begin

Remember that Google+ Class Action Lawsuit and $12 Payout? Well, the Actual Monetary Compensation is Only 18% of That

Google Plus’ bust drama isn’t over yet as the class action lawsuit due to its data breach is beginning to pay out $2.15 per defendant…

Google+ ultimately shut down in back in 2019 after a very unimpressive run, which ended in controversy because of a massive data breach. However, that wasn’t the actual end to the Google Plus bust drama. Said data breach triggered a class action lawsuit and last August, previous users were told to expect an estimated payment of $12 each, taken from the $7.5 million paid out by Google. Now, that former figure has been revised down substantially.

Google+ Class Action Suit Payouts Begin

Although $12 isn’t much at all, it’s certainly a lot more than the new amount. The most recent estimate for the 1,720,029 people who joined the lawsuit will come to a meager $2.15 each. According to the litigation website, payments are already being distributed through PayPal or via ACH. All payouts are expected to be completed by August 14th.

“Pursuant to Section 3 of the Settlement Agreement, each Settlement Class Member was entitled to submit no more than one Claim for a Settlement Payment and all payments are to be made electronically through ACH or Paypal. Each of the 1,720,029 Settlement Class Members who submitted valid claims will be entitled to a settlement award payment of $2.15.”

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