April 28, 2021
Google Plus deleting consumer data

Google Plus Users have Until April 2nd to Download their Data before it Disappears Forever

Google will wipe out all user data from the consumer side of Google+ on April 2nd, which means people must download theirs in the next two months…

This past October, Google announced it would partially shut down its social media site, Google+ in the wake of a data breach scandal. But, not long after, the network suffered another security compromise, forcing it to expedite its demise. Now, Google has released a formal timeline of what’s to occur over the next few months.

Google Plus Deleting Consumer Data Beginning April 2nd

Starting February 4th, Google will prohibit the creation of any new Google+ profiles, pages, communities, and events. Also, Google+ generated comments appearing on external sites will disappear from Blogger by February 4th and from all other sites by March 7th. Moreover, all website comments made through Google+ will vanish on April 2nd.

Additionally, on April 2nd, all Google+ consumer content will disappear (including photos, videos, Album Archives, and Google+ Pages).

Furthermore, any sign-ins for websites and apps using Google+ credentials will stop working. However, these will be replaced by a Google account sign-in button.

The total deletion and expiration will take some time, Google says. So, it might be possible to access some data after the scheduled dates.

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