June 23, 2022
Google Plus designer Morgan Knutson dirty laundry tweetstorm

Former Google+ Designer Lets Loose in ‘Dirty Laundry’ Tweetstorm

Google Plus designer Morgan Knutson ‘dirty laundry’ tweetstorm really gets to what he claims are the root causes of the product’s ultimate demise….

In one fell swoop, Google+ came to an abrupt end. Just hours after the news broke about its huge data breach, users filed suit against the search engine. Now, a former designer is pulling back the curtains on the culture behind the failed social media platform.

Google Plus Designer Morgan Knutson Dirty Laundry Tweetstorm Unmasks Internal Troubles

Over the course of a week, former UI designer Morgan Knutson sent out a series of tweets, detailing his experiences. It starts with the following statement:

“Now that Google+ has been shuttered, I should air my dirty laundry on how awful the project and exec team was. I’m still pissed about the bait and switch they pulled by telling me I’d be working on Chrome…”

Knutson worked on the social property for eight months. During that time, he explains it was largely fueled by  fear:

“Vic’s product vision was fear-based. ‘Google built the knowledge graph, and Facebook swooped in and built the social graph. If we don’t own the social graph then we can’t claim to have indexed ALL the world’s data.'”

It’s a valuable lesson. No matter how big a company or its reputation, there’s always more than meets the eye. Things were so bad, the official Google+ France page actually shut down a couple of weeks before the data breach came to public light.

Read the full tweetstorm here.

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