August 6, 2022
Google Plus Discover tab

Surprise! Google is Still Monkeying with Google+ as It Adds a Discover Tab

Google keeps putting effort into its social media platform, adding a Google+ Discover tab to the property to encourage users to explore…

Google isn’t done with Google Plus, its social media property. The Google+ Discovery tab has launched on desktop and iOS. This section is meant for users to find “personalized recommendations of posts to see, people to know, and communities to join.” 

New Google Plus Discover Tab Rolls Out to the Social Platform

Carter Gibson, Community Management Program Lead for Google+, announced the new feature in a post.

“We’re rolling a brand new Discover stream to help you and new users find the absolutely best content our network has to offer. If you glance over at your left-hand navigation bar, you’ll notice a shiny ‘Discover’ tab waiting to be explored. Inside, you’ll find trending posts from curated sources in a new, denser format. Also inside are Featured Collections, Recommended Communities, and the previously announced Topics – which got a bit of a makeover as well, so be sure to check them out!”

The Google+ Discover stream curates content based on users’ interests. So, it’s similar to Topics, which rolled out back in April of this year. Google will also introduce a “Profile” tab for its Android and iOS apps sometime in the future.

“New and signed out users will land on Discover (previously ‘Featured Collections’) which puts content from a diverse set of sources front and center. We hope that this creates a better experience for new users that more readily communicates the awesome stuff G+ has to offer while providing existing users with a fun way to find and follow creators they haven’t yet, ahem, discovered.”

Look for the Google+ Discover tab in the left vertical column of the desktop version, it’s located right below the Home link.

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